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Some things I wrote

Occasionally I write things... Well I try. Anyways here are my writings so far.

Repositories vs No Repositories in Laravel

I always thought decoupling is a good thing but there are cases where you think you are decoupling when in fact, you are just adding a new layer to the coupled code.

Bootstrap the right way

Many people misunderstand the purpose of a framework like this, they usually just embed it into their pages and have a fairly nice looking website, but one thing they are missing out on is the world beyond Bootstrap.

About Me

Who am I?

Hey, I'm Igor, if you didn't already know that. I am passionate about building life-changing applications. I enjoy taking an idea, and making it into a final product. Building stuff is fun! You have an idea? Good. I can make it happen. You don't know where to begin? No problem, contact me and I'll help you out.

I happen to know design too. If I need to get something done, I won't have issues, I'll get it done.

I like keeping you in the loop, that way you always know what's happening with your project.

Rapid Prototyping

I like to create prototypes early. That's the best time to make changes to the idea, and come up with even better ones.

Up to date

Tools, and technology evolve and change quickly, experimenting with new things is a good way to serve competitive services.

Clean Code

If you asked me what I hate, I'd probably say "spaghetti code". I really hate messy code, and I always try making my code expressive, decoupled and clean!

Everything can be made

Whether it's a simple project, or a complex system, I can make it happen, the way you want it. The way you won't hate it.

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Things I made

My portfolio is a bit empty, and I hope to fill it up reasonably soon, I just couldn't find much time for it, due to the extensive amount of work I have lately.


Simple referring system. Take a look

If you are interested in working with me, contact me!